Here is what our clients have to say:


"In reference to the credibility and professionalism displayed by Jim and Donna Hawley in their Panama Real Estate business ventures, we have found our real estate experience in Panama to be smooth."


"We were first introduced when we visited Panama City in 2005 on a fact finding investment trip. We were interested in confirming our prior research regarding the outstanding potential of investing in Panama City Real Estate."


"Jim and Donna were instrumental in exposing us to numerous investment properties and due to their diligence and knowledge regarding the Panama Real Estate market, we made a decision to purchase two Panama properties while on our visit."


"Jim and Donna assisted us in every aspect of the Panama purchases, from negotiating purchase price to final signing of the purchase and sale documents. Due to our lack of knowledge regarding Panama Real Estate law, we relied on the expertise of Jim and Donna to guide us through the process and to help us with the transition of moving to Panama."