The World Financial Crisis, October 25, 2008

By: Panama Legal - Panama Legal | Published: November 6, 2008

World Financial Crisis: Oct. 25, 2008 This is an update as to where we are at in the midst of the financial crisis. Panama, Guatemala and Central America – Essentially seem to be unaffected. People are manufacturing, exporting, working,...

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The Winds of Change

By: Paul McBride / Sam Taliaferro - Prima Panama Blog | Published: October 23, 2008

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Winds of ChangeWill the Financial Crisis Limit Your Ability to Buy a Home in Panama?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Donna,  I usually restrict my commentary to things in ...

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Tough times finally catching up to luxury buyers

By: Kevin Brass - International Herald Tribune Blog | Published: October 19, 2008

A villa in the Caribbean sells for $39 million. A Russian tycoon buys a Florida estate for $100 million. Pedestrian New York apartments list for $20 million. Is the luxury market immune to the problems facing the rest of the real estate market? This...

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The Current State of the Panamanian Real Estate Market

By: Don Winner - The Panama Guide | Published: June 18, 2008

The Current State of the Panamanian Real Estate Market Wednesday, June 18 2008 @ 10:19 AM EST Contributed by: Don Winner Views: 177 Real Estate By DON WINNER for - Real estate. More specifically, Panamanian real estate - a subject l...

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5% ITBMS Tax on Real Estate Commissions

By: Don Winner - The Panama Guide | Published: June 14, 2008

Recently on the Panama Real Estate Yahoo! email group, someone asked if it was correct for a real estate agent to charge a 5% ITBMS sales tax on the commission earned through the sale. The short answer is - yes. As a matter of fact, real estate agent...

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By: SAM TALIAFERRO - BUSINESS WEEK | Published: June 9, 2008

Panama condo's cheap by world standards This article from Businessweek highlights the 10 most expensive real estate markets in the world and shows you what $1.5 million will buy there. With prices as high as $6191 a square foot in London, Panama, at...

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What Your Dollar is Really Worth - in Panama and China

By: Chuck Dolce - The Sovereign Society News | Published: May 26, 2008

Dear A-Letter Reader, It's Saturday in Panama and the last day of the Sovereign Society's Total Wealth Symposium. Markets are closed and other than some weekend oil posturing, there's not too much in the news. So w...

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- EXCHANGE MORNING POST | Published: April 21, 2008

Groundbreaking world class 3-day trade show exhibits real estate investment and lifestyle opportunities in Panama TORONTO - Vladimir Reznik, Executive Director of PanaExpo 2008 is pleased to announce that Royal LePage - Your Community ...

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By: Robin Elsham | Published: April 17, 2008

Medical tourism may be a new industry, but it's got a long tradition in Panama. For nearly a century, the country's hospitals and doctors have been treating ill passengers from cruise ships and sailors from cargo vessels transitting the Panama canal....

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Panama Biggest Airport Ready to Be Expanded

- | Published: January 1, 2008

The Tocumen airport of the Panamanian capital is ready to undertake construction work that will enable to increase its current operation capacity by 38 percent, revealed sources of this sector on Sunday. The biggest Panamanian air terminal has alread...

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Investment Opportunities in Panama

By: Trista Winnie - NuWireinvestor | Published: October 26, 2007

Panama has a variety of investment opportunities, including a burgeoning condo market in Panama City, miles of untouched beaches on the Caribbean coast and everything in between. While some markets are poised to become overbuilt, others are still ful...

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The Expansion of Panama's Economy and Canal

By: Trista Winnie - Nu Wire Investor | Published: October 15, 2007

"I originally started off in Costa Rica, as many people in Panama today have done....Sort of on a whim, I went down to Panama for a weekend, and those three days turned into seven, and the next thing you knew, I was moving all my things out of C...

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The Costa Rica Experience Moves Next Door

By: Jeff Koyen - The New York Times | Published: October 11, 2007

IT'S a Friday afternoon in Boquete, Panama, and the main street resembles Anytown, U.S.A. There is a mom-and-pop coffee shop with round tables, premade sandwiches and a dessert case. Nearby is a tiny video store, with posters advertising &...

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10 New Hotels Will be Built in Panama

By: Roberto Quelne - La Estrella de Panama | Published: September 10, 2007

According to estimates from the Panamanian Association of Hotels (APATEL) and the Panamanian Board of Tourism, between eight to ten new hotels will be constructed in Panama within the next three to five years, adding an additional 3,000 new rooms to ...

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Forget Florida; Central America the New Hot Spot for Retirees

By: Travis Altman - | Published: August 7, 2007

If you travel regularly, it happens eventually. You'll be in another country, lying on a white, sandy beach or strolling through some charming village, when you turn to your significant other and say, "I could stay here for the rest of my life.&...

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