Phase 4 of Coastal Strip Already Being Designed (Around Paitilla and Punta Pacifica)

While construction of Phase 3 of the Coastal Strip continues, plans to build Phase 4 are already starting to take shape among the projects of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP). The route of the new road would connect the sector of Paitilla with the "marine viaduct" of the Southern Corridor.

Although the project is not in the immediate plans of the MOP, engineering studies are already being done, according to the head of Special Projects of this entity, Carlos Ho. According to the official, Phase 4 of the Coastal Strip would skirt the residential area of ​​Punta Paitilla, and would be 2.25 kilometers long. Early design concepts of this pathway indicate only roads and green areas would be included.

The Design Has Not Been Defined: The costs and the final design are still in draft and have not yet been defined, however, the authorities of the MOP are betting that this project will help greatly with respect to traffic in Paitilla. He added they are considering options such as a "semi tunnel", a marine viaduct, or landfill.

Rodrigo Mejia Andrión, a member of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA) sees as positive the Cinta Costera project extension, especially for residents of Punta Pacifica who are suffering the consequences of the large number of cars that drive through the area. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: As soon as they finish one project, they start another. Line One of the new Metro Subway system will be followed by Lines Two, Three, and Four eventually. This extension of the Coastal Strip would allow for drivers to go around Panama City on the Southern side, all the way from the Tocumen Airport, to cross the Bridge of the Americas without every dropping into Panama City neighborhood level traffic. They are slowly but surely stitching together a "beltway" concept.